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  • The blockade needs to be ended, not eased
    The blockade of Gaza has been ongoing for almost four years, despite protests from all around the world
  • World leaders are failing - we will not
    As human beings, we cannot stand by silently while witnessing what the blockade is doing to the people of Gaza; therefore we will act.

  • We need your help
    We need your help to break the blockade once and for all, and to ensure that the human rights and human dignity of the people of Gaza are respected.

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Ship to Gaza is a grassroots movement. We need your help to continue our efforts to break the blockade of Gaza

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News Today, saturday 15th of july, there is a naming ceremony connected to Ship to Gazas activities at the guest harbour of Gothenburg, next to the opera house.
Press release This summer, Ship to Gaza has planned two tours by boat and caravan to travel around and visit places around southern Sweden. Both to inform about next year's campaign Armada for Gaza, about the work of the organization and how to contribute and get involved in ending the siege on Gaza.
Press release Note: Correct adress for prior notfikation to Press Conference is media@shiptogaza.se. or call Staffan Granér att +46703549687 Förstakammarsalen, Parliament house, Stockholm  17/5, Kl. 10-15 Press Conference in Förstakammarsalen  at 15.30
Press release At 1558 (CEST) on 5 October, we lost contact again with the Zaytouna-Oliva and presume that the Israeli Occupation Navy has now begun to attack it and that it has been surrounded in International Waters (latest position: Lat+31.906033 Lon+33.757630).
Press release As you surely know, at this very moment there is a boat en route to Gaza, that little Palestinian enclave. Its mission is to observe, break and eventually end the inhumane, illegal and for all involved parties destructive blockade of Gaza. Women's Boat to Gaza, as we call our action, is an initiative by Ship to Gaza and the Freedom Flotilla Coalition. 
News There are an estimated 4,000 fishermen in Gaza. Only 5-700 of them fish regularly. The reason for that is either that they fear being detained by Israeli occupation forces, whose ships patrol the six-nautical-mile zone from the shores within which Palestinian boats are allowed.
Press release Messina, Italy:  This morning, women representing 13 countries spanning five continents began their journey on Zaytouna-Oliva to the shores of Gaza, which has been under blockade since 2007. On board are a Nobel Peace Laureate, three parliamentarians, a decorated US diplomat, journalists, an Olympic athlete, and a physician.
Press release Messina, Italy – There is adage that says “Hope springs eternal.” This was personified today when the Amal-Hope II entered Messina port to join her sister Zaytouna-Oliva.

Dagbok Från Gaza av Charlie Andreass

Ur Henning Mankells förord:

Charlie Andreasson är en sjöman från Styrsö. Under ett helt år från hösten 2013 arbetade han i Gaza stads hamn med att renovera en fiskebåt som skulle trotsa blockaden inifrån. Projektet hade namnet Gazas ark. Sabotage och bomber under kriget sensommaren 2014 sänkte den förhoppningen.  Om den erfarenheten har Charlie skrivit denna dagbok som förlaget Korpen nu gett ut. I den enskilda solidaritetsinsatsen finns alltid mycket att lära. Alltså: läs!

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En folkbildningsaktion från ABF för att fokusera på och bidra till att befria Palestina, Israel och världen från ockupationen. Framtagen i samarbete med Ship to Gaza

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